Is this monitor viable for this computer?

I'm going to order this computer right now
and I am wondering If this monitor is a good fit for pc gaming
I am a competitive xbox gamer and I know this is a really good monitor for xbox users but can I also use it with my pc?
also if there is anything else I need to know please tell me, I do not know much about computer hardware.
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  1. It looks fine. It will work. You can get 1080p screens for much cheaper, though. There's a few 23" ones over on Newegg that I know about that are around $150.
    1080p is pretty much the standard for PC gaming right now. Then, there are those with the active 3D monitors with the 120Hz refresh rate... And those with Eyefinity/Surround. 3 monitor gaming, ftw

    Anyways, getting off topic... Any 1080p screen will do. Just look at the reviews. Make sure the screen supports VGA or HDMI, though. There's very little difference between a monitor with a 2ms response time and one with 5ms. Can't think of much else to say, so go ahead-- ask away.

    By the way... Welcome to the dark side. I ate your cookie.
  2. Yeah looks fine, couple questions though. What are you using for your current monitor? Also do you require good viewing angles? (will you be viewing it from the sides if you are say watching tv on it, if looking at it from directly in front 24/7 then I see no problem with it) TN panels are usually horrible for viewing it at any angle other than dead on, I would grab a dell ips panel around the same price range. I am using this one and its fantastic:
  3. I just re-read what you said, jcope, and I'm not quite sure if I understood it right the first time. Do you already have this monitor and just want to know if it'll work with that computer? Or are you looking to buy a monitor?
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