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GTX 660 TI Card Problems

I recently built my first tower and everything was fine until yesterday. I narrowed down the problem to the GTX 660 TI card I installed. The original problem was that it would say"Windows is Starting Up" then go black with the message "HDMI 1 No Signal." I started it in safe mode and disabled the GTX 660 TI and have been running on the integrated graphics. Is there anyway to repair the video card, or should I just replace it?
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    Have you tried using the DVI or VGA port of the video card?
    Somehow I have the feeling that this is a windows problem because the GPU does output video before starting windows.

    You should also try to sweep and reinstall the video drivers for the GPU as they might have got corrupted.
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  3. Thanks for the quick response. I reinstalled my Zotac AMP! CD drivers and my quick test Slender at fantastic and high detail is working absolutely smoothly. Thanks, jaideep
  4. no prob m8. Glad it worked out.
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