Macbook pro 13 shared memory (video) of intel HD 4000 ?

I am planning to buy Macbook pro 13 dual core i7 with 2.9ghz.When i went to Epicentre they said.16gb ram upgrade is free. so what will the shared memory (video) of intel HD 4000 ?
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  1. Your ram is your ram, it has no link to your video memory, you wont see any change from the HD4000 due to the Ram increase. Those are the specs of the hd4000
  2. The intel GPUs only share memory for system processes, for games and other user processes it's typically capped at either 243mb of GDDR3 VRAM or 535MB of GDDR3 VRAM.
  3. It will share as much as it will need. However, I doubt it will need more than 1 GB.
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