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I just got a new Pioneer DVD player (DVD-500M) and it plays back video fine, and also 2-channel analogue sound. I have the proper optical cable to connect my DIGITAL OUT on my sound card to my DVD input on my Sony receiver (STR-DE675) and I have the OPTICAL OUTPUT ONLY box checked on my computer, but nothing happens. When I look at the end of the cable not plugged into my sound card, there is no “red light”, like on most optical outputs. I have reinstalled my software, reinserted the card and everything I can think of, but it doesn’t work. Does the cable that runs directly from the DVD-ROM drive to the sound card need to be plugged in to anything (TAD, CD, or AUX input on sound card)? Is there anything I should try doing? Is my card dead? I am desperate and any help is greatly appreciated. I am using Windows Me, with PowerDVD 4XP (my systems performance is fine, but I don’t know about incompatibility). I will be checking this post a few times a day, so if you needed more info, I will be able to respond quickly.

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  1. SB live value doesnt provide an optical digital out, as only the platinum does. the value only has the coxial digital out, which u need a coxial cable for it. also your receiver should have a coxial digital input, which most mid range receiver does have along with the optical connection
  2. Also, do you have the slot loading or the tray loading drive? My friend had the slot loading drive and it had a digital out connection that you could connect straight to your live card, and get digital sound out of it. With the tray loading version, it does (or did) not have that output, and he could not connect it to his live card, thus no digital out.

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  3. i believe the live drive only comes with the platinum version
  4. you can make your own digital-out connection. go to and it will give you the directions on how to make the connetion... some soldering is required (not on the card - just the wires). it connects to 2 pins where the slot card expansion would normally connect. here is the link:

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