Upgrading from a GTX 550Ti to a more recent GPU

So im looking to upgrade from my current 550Ti to a newer, More powerful board. I play games like Skyrim, GTA, BF3 Crysis 2 and i would like to play them at max with a good, Steady FPS
My price Range is 200-275. Im looking to overclock it so a GPU with a good Fan would be nice
I love Nvidia cards, But dont mind getting any ATI ones since they are nice too.
Thanks in advance

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  1. i would say a hd 7850 2 gb or gtx 660
  2. Thanks, I think im going for the Radeon 7870, But which manufacturer is better? Because i see HIS, Sapphire and Gigabyte.
  3. sapphire or gigabite
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