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Targa pc- stuck in install loop bc missing setup.exe file

Last response: in Systems
January 15, 2013 6:04:01 PM

Arighty guys, I'm a newb at this stuff, I'll be honest im in over my head. I have been working on a friends computer for about a week now. It had a german operating system and I can't speak german. So I downloaded a bootlegged windows xp in english, unzipped, and ran the install process. During which a few files were unable to be found and copied i.e. setup.exe and and one other one. So the process continued anyway and ended up removing the old german os and leaving me in a install loop with the new english xp with an error that the setup files were not found.When i click ok it just shuts off, then restarts and the the message comes up again. I finally got it to go to the F8 command mode, but every option just take me through the new operating system that leads to the same error message. I really have no idea what to do. Is there a way to clear it off and start from scratch without being able to access the system. I got a copy of linux by recommendation of a bud, but i don't know how to get out of this loop to boot new from a usb???? Please help anything is welcome. If someone leads to the solution, you can come visit my hostel in costa rica and we'll hook you up with a few nights on us!!! oh someone just pointed out that both of the comp. im working with have a "fire-wire" is there any possibilities to control the bad one with my working laptop?
January 15, 2013 6:42:11 PM

Using a bootleged OS can lead to trouble as you have found out.

You can set the computer to boot off of the USB flash drive and boot into linux now and wipe the old bootleg as you install Linux.

or you can fork out the money and buy a new OS.