New Power Supply?

I bought a Geforce 650 GTX. I see it needs a 6 core power plug. However my power supply is a 470 Watt Gigabyte and only has one four core plug that slots into my motherboard. Does this mean I need as new Power Supply? :-(
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  1. The 4 pin could probably provide enough power without over clocking. But I wouldn't risk it.
  2. ^
    DO NOT LISTEN TO THAT ADVICE. It will fry the card. That plug is CPU power plug, not PCI express one.

    What are the specs of that power supply unit? Mind taking a picture of its label?
  3. I said it could work, but I wouldn't trust it. IE, get a new psu.
  4. Would work by frying the card? x.x
  5. Or you could stop be disrespectful and realize I am agreeing with you.
  6. Sorry if it sounded that. But if someone followed that advice, the results would be horrifying...
  7. Ahh.. The good ol' days when Gigabyte made PSU's...

    Nope I remember nothing!

    Yes, get a new PSU, at least 500w+ for future proofing. And not just any 500w PSU, you should get one that is well branded. My pick is Antec, Corsair, XfX,etc ( I forgot the other brands but someone will tell you, however, these are a personal favourite)
  8. ^ Good one. lol

    Ravyu is right, you need a good brand PSU.
  9. Seasonic is great as well, but they tend to be a little bit pricy.
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