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I needed a small switch and rather than spend money on one I am trying to use an old DLink DL604 router as one. I was disabled the DHCP and hooked it up and got a connection between the network and the wired computer. However I started getting problems with my wired connection so I went in and disabled everything I was able to. I rehooked the "switch" and got a good connection between computer and network and the wireless problems disappeared yet I can't seem to get a connection between the printer and the computer. Can't ping the switch or the printer either.

All the ip's are on the same subnet and all have static ip'soutside the DHCP range except the computer and no duplicates. Any ideas why it passes signals from the router to the computer but there is no connection between it and the computer or the printer and the compiter?

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  1. Addendum

    I can access the router from my laptop through a wireless connection but not the printer. Have tried two different cables to the printer, one of which I am sure isn't defective
  2. Try reserving the printer an address inside the assignable range using its MAC address, it's like having a static address within the range. That seems to work well for me with multiple network printers.
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