Would this upgrade be worth it?

Would an upgrade from a GTX 550 Ti to GTX 560 be worth it? Is it better in performance? Because right now I can only run BF3 on High with a 550 Ti and a FX-6300 with 1920x1080 and 8 Gigs of ram, would it that change to ultra with a 560 (not Ti just 560).

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  1. Won't change to ultra but it will increase performance slightly. I wouldn't babystep with the upgrades. Save up and get something much nicer. Go for a 660ti or 7870/7950 if you want to run Ultra.
  2. agreed 560 wouldn't do much when the next gen games are lunched so if you buy it now you will have a problem playing some new games on ultra setting, save up and get a high end gfx card or if you can wait for HD8000/gtx700 series it will be better (i think in the next few mouths)
  3. there is a leaked about 8800 series nothing will for sure but it look like a great card with a lot less money
  4. if you currently have a 550ti, I would either get a second in SLI or get something like a GTX 660/7870
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