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Hey I was thinking about buying a pre made pc from a site then swapping out some of the components.
Was thinking of getting

Then swapping in,
motherboard: Gigabyte GA-B75M-D3H
GPU: Sapphire 11200-16-20G HD7850 GDDR5 Graphics Card (1GB)

I was wondering if this would work? Any help would be amazing as I don't really know anything about building a PC.
I'm looking to spend sort of upto £700ish
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  1. if you dont want to build your own then i would suggest going with cyberpower becasue these pre-built pc's on ebay generally skimp on things that wont be very attractive for a novice such as the psu this is evident as the brand or wattage is not even listed
    i would go with this at least you get a years warranty.#
    i know its over budget but they are putting it together for you and giving you a warranty and shipping it.
  2. thanks, this looks like a pretty handy website
  3. i would still learn how to build a computer it's a very useful tool for troubleshooting and is always nice to know.
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