AMD Driver Woes

So I'm playing Planetside 2, plagued with unoptimization and low fps, I figured even though I'm CPU bound that I'd try doing a clean install of the 12.11 beta drivers. I open up CCC installer and express uninstall what I can. Usually my resolution reverts back to some archaic 12x6 layout and I know my drivers have been uninstalled. This is NOT the case this time. I feel I didnt even uninstall what I set out to uninstall. I've been hacking away at any AMD folders I can find and opening up other install/uninstaller programs and I get to the, "Wait while the list is being populated." I get through that and the installer tells me that there is nothing to populate the list with.

Little info...
While I was uninstalling the first time, my screen went blank and showed the horrific resolution it normally does. Then went black again and went back to my native 1600x900. Went black again, made the sound of me unplugging a USB mouse and then made a sound immediately after of me plugging in my usb mouse. I'm wondering if there's a rogue driver somewhere that is falling into place of my ones i uninstalled. Any help is appreciated.

Vista 32bit
amd hd6950 2gb
4gb ram
m4n68t v2 mobo
amd phenom 840 x4 @ 3.2 ghz (oc to 3.4)
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  1. People like to run this driver sweeper program, I see it come up a lot so I would try that. I've never used it so I don't even know where to get it, but google should turn it up for you.
  2. I read somewhere on the interwebs that it can remove necessary files that I need since I have an amd processor : / idk, maybe ill give it a go and check out the UI.
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