Should I crossfire my 7950 or would it not be worth the money?

Does anyone know if the performance increase will be worth spending $300~? I frame drops in some games like Skyrim, Sleeping Dogs, Assassin's creed 3 and I would like to combat that with another GPU. However, I've heard many games, including a game like Skyrim will not have any performance increase whatsoever due to the games lack of crossfire support.

I've also heard that AMD's drivers make crossfire a poor experience. I only play at 1080p 60hz but if I bought a second 7950 I figured it would give it maybe an extra year lifespan than a 7950. So does anyone have thoughts on this? Would it even be worth crossfiring or should I pass?
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  1. You dont need to CF on that res.1 7950 is enough.

    If u go multimonitor than yes u will need CF.
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