Which graphics card to upgrade to on Striker 2 Extreme


I have the following system and want to upgrade my system to better handle modern games. Not sure if I will be able to play Far Cry 3 though and will fully upgrade to new rig next year but for now I want a nice cheap upgrade option.

Motherboard: Republic of Gamers Asus Striker 2 Extreme
RAM: Crucial 8GB
GPU: Asus Nvidia GTX8800 756MB
PSU: Antec 650w

I have read a few forum post on here and a few suggest the GTX400 series to upgrade to.

I have been looking on ebay and am not sure what the going price for the following cards is second hand as they seem quite expensive for 2 year old cards.

Would I be better off getting an ATI/AMD card and if so what would a good option be (equivalent to GTX400s).

I was planning on going with an SLI rig with another GTX8800 card but left it too late so they are rare and stupidly expensive. I assume one GTX460 would be better than two GTX8800s right?

I have always had an nvidia so know nothing about ATI/AMD cards.

Your help will be most welcome.
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  1. 4xx series cards are old and I wouldn't go with them at all. What's your budget?
  2. I really don't know what budget I need to be looking at. I didn't want to spend over £50 but on ebay the GTX4xx cards are all over that.
    I don't want to go too much over £100 I suppose but under that would be better.

    I will be looking at getting a 1k+ in about a years time so don't want to spend too much.
  3. I'd suspect 8800 GTX SLI would be similar to single GTX 460. At that budget it seems your best bet is to just get another 8800 GTX if your power supply unit can support it.
  4. After some more looking around and reading forum posts.

    Would I not just be better off getting a GTX650 which I can get for less than £100.

    I know its PCIe 3.0 but will still work in PCIe 2.0 right.
  5. It's not a really good card. It's overpriced. A lot. This is how the performance looks like:

    Your 8800 GTX is between GT 640 and GTS 450 in performance. GTX 460 is around performance of HD 6850.
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