A new gaming PC !

Hello every body ..
I hope everything is OK ..
I decide to build a new mid-range gaming computer that is suitable with my budget ..
I just need to know if these spec can run games like BF3 on 1366×768 ultra setting.
CPU : intel core I5 3550 3.4 GHz
Motherboard : GA-P75-D3 << economical board
GFX : msi gtx 560 ti twin frozer
RAM : 8 GB DDR3 crossair Vegance
HDD : 1TB western digital
Power supply : Crossair 600 Watt
I can make any changes you suggest but within my budget of 800$ ..
thanks alot
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    those are already decent :)

    if you want more juice, get 7970 for 400 usd

    but i suggest you to wait for a couple months as new intel cpu, new nvidia card, new amd radeon card, are all coming :) d
  2. ^^^^^^^^^^^
    thanks alot my friend ..
    so you confirm these spec to run BF3 ..
    then I will directly build it today ... I cant wait for a couple months ..
    thanks again my friend
  3. GFX : msi gtx 560 ti twin frozer

    old GPU

    swap with 7850 2GB, 7870 or 7950 :) anything you can afford
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