GTX 650 vs HD7770

Hello, im building a new PC and I was wondering which GPU is better, Nvidia GTX 650 or AMD RADEON HD 7770. They're both roughly the same price so price doesnt matter.
I would be playing games like Minecraft, farcry 3 , hitman absolution, football manager 2013

Other specs :
CPU : Intel i5 3570 3.2GHz
RAM : 8GB Samsung dual ddr3 1333MHz
PSU : 650w Corsair Enthusiast series
Motherboard : Asus p8z77-m: micro atx, usb 3.0, sata 6gbs, ati crossfirex
Hard Disk : Intel 120GB SSD
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  1. The 7770 is about 20 - 25% faster than the GTX650.

    However, the GTX650TI is about 10% faster than the 7770.

    I would say 7770.
  2. 7770 is faster and barely any more.

    Well the 650 its not even listed so figure it out.

    7770 wins the match !

    Newest review u will find
  4. thanks
  5. burntpizza said:

    thanks for the help
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