Why cant I hook 2 rokus to an Ethernet Switch?

I have a D-Link Ethernet Switch. I have my computer and a Roku hooked to it. I tried hooking Another Roku and it cannot hook to Network. I unplugged my old Roku and hooked the new one and no problem. Just can't hook both up at once. Is there something I should be doing to enable this? I am allowed 4 computers through my network.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. My first guess would be that they are being assigned the same IP address. Have you tried assigning each roku a static address using each's MAC address in your router?
  2. That does sound logical, considering both (ROKU) are same make. But, totally lost. How would I assign a new address? I am not computer literate, basics okay. Thanks.
  3. You have to go into the D-Link router (I assume you mean that you have a D-Link router and not just a switch) setup by using a connected computer and in your browser entering:

    address: (or http://dlinkrouter)
    user: Admin
    password: <leave this blank>

    Then you can consult your manual, but you need to look at the network DHCP server settings to see what address range is enabled. Then enable "Add DHCP Reservation" and type in the device MAC address and assign it an IP address within the assignment range. Do that for each device. You will then see the two devices on the DHCP reservation list and all of your other devices on the dynamic DHCP client list.

    You can find your device MAC addresses on the bottom or back on your Roku devices. The MAC address is a set of six two digit pairs separated by colons (like 00:0B:1A:3H:0G:5D for example) and that is how they should be entered into the router reservation MAC Address area.
  4. No it is a Switch, not router. It is not wireless, etc., Hook to modem, then you plug in the various items, ie: computer, roku, etc. DGS-1005G 5-PORT GIGABIT DESKTOP SWITCH

  5. After doing massive reading, I think I figured out the problem. I have a cable modem (does not include router) and have it plugged into the switch. That is why I can only hook 2 things up, as the modem, you can hook 2 computers to it and this is what the modem is interpreting. I figured I must get a router in order to use the switch properly. So, on to look for a good router. Thanks again.
  6. Look at the D-Link DIR-655 router. I have a number of them and they work well both wired and wireless.
  7. Thanks will check it out.
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