GTX 650 or HD 7770

Hi everyone :)

I went to Maplin (Computing Store) and Currys (Computing Store) and asked about two graphics card they had for sale. The GTX 650 and the HD 7770.

I looked online and most people say get the hd 7770.

But both Curry's and Maplin told me the gtx 650 is faster and more powerful.

So what do you recommend :)

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  1. Hi. I recommend the HD 7770. I think (or hope) they meant to say GTX 650 Ti and not GTX 650.
  2. Hi thanks for your feedback :) But no I took the gtx 650 and the hd 7770 up to them in store, and both tech advisers said: The GTX 650 is a much more powerful card. They also said something about gtx 650 being better at threading, does that help smoother gameplay? :)

    Daniel :)
  3. I think you might want to take their future advice with a grain of salt. You can see that the HD 7770 is better than the GTX 650 from the reviews.,3297-24.html
  4. Thank you, you have really made me make my mind :) I think it's bad they both recommended the wrong card, but thanks for clearing this with me :)

    Daniel :)
  5. You're welcome and enjoy your new graphics card.
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