Need input on what power supply

I will be upgrading my GPU and adding a SSD

which power supply should i go with a 600w or a 650w

GPU Radeon HD 7950 from a 6700 series
Intel i-7 2600k
Standard dell motherboard
8gb RAM DDR3
500gb HDD at 7200
250gb SSD

any thoughts? i was thing one of the corsair 600w builders... or should i bump it up to the 650w
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  1. this one, made of seasonic
    corsair is good but not its CX builder series
    TX, hx, AX are all corsair's recommended buy
  2. for psu checking, seasonic is the top choice
  3. HA.. you were the one that recommended the builder series to me!

    but thanks for the info! would you go with 600w or 650w?
  4. ^ owh busted

    i usually recommend corsair cx500-600/xfx 550 for tight budget build, people often pick a real crxp psu because of low price and high capacity written, thus sacrifice quality.

    if you can afford one, xfx 650 and corsair tx650 v2 is a minimum. how much will u spend?
  5. thanks radeon.. once again!
  6. wait.. there may be an issue with the mounting of the unit.. my current psu is mounted in the top of my tower... looks like people had issues with this?
  7. if you are not sure with corsair, xfx is always a good alternative

    pick store from the lowest price (ouch it is currently on sale, see the price)

    and read its feedback in newegg
  8. ever bought from NCIX? it looks a little weird.... i may check local stores also.. thanks
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