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I am building a new gaming rig but I don't know which graphics card to buy. I want to be able to play all games out now at atleast High or maybe Ultra settings. I am looking at these graphics cards: EVGA GTX 660 Ti or the FTW version. I am open to other cards like a Radeon, too. I would like the Graphics card to be below $300 but a little above is ok. Also any suggestions on upgrading my PSU(Around $50 or $60)? I also plan on buying a Cooler Master Hyper 212 Evo.

Computer specs so far(I Already Have These):
CPU = Intel i7 2700k
Case = Cooler Master Elite 431
Mobo = AsRock z77 extreme3
PSU = Apevia 550W
RAM = G.SKILL Sniper 8GB

Any help would be greatly appreciated. If you need any more information just ask.
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  2. Thank You for the response, but also what games are better with Radeon cards and which are better for Nvidia because I am clueless about graphics cards.

    PS : This is my first build.
  3. The only games I can think of that NVidia definitely wins is Battlefield 3 and Batman games. On other games it's pretty much a tie. The reason I am recommending an HD 7950 is because it is similarly priced to GTX 660 Ti but performs better. GTX 660 Ti is just bad purchase at its price.
  4. Ok, Thank You. I think I will get the HD 7950 which also comes with 3 games instead of 1 with Nvidia.
  5. Glad I helped ;).
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