AMD HD 7959 Issue

Well I finished building my PC and everything was going great, updated the drivers ect however, then I came to realise that my AMD HD 7950 wasnt being detected. I searched and searched and found nothing. I then tried to install the drivers however, then catalyst gets to aabout 75% done then it never moves from there on? What is wrong here? Why isnt my graphics card being detected?

I have an Intel i5 3750. 8GB of Kingston RAM. AMD HD 7950. Windows 7 64bit
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  1. Do you have your hdmi/dvi cable plugged into the mobo or gpu?
  2. Currently I am running vga until my new monitor arrives and that is plugged into the mobo. I seemed to have installed some drivers last night however, in device manager it just shows up as AMD RADEON HD 7900 Series, is this correct? ALso when i go to Can I Run it, it says I dont have any Video Ram, is this talking rubbish or is there a problem?
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