Just wondering if I messed anything up...

So, I purchased a new computer from futureshop and it arrived today. I started the set up tasks and everything went smoothly until it reached the "installing drivers and softwares, please wait 0/8". At this point, in kept going till 4/8 in about 10 seconds....than just stopped at 4/8 for over an hour. I eventually clicked "esc", as no other options were up and I was worried about restarting my computer during a pre-installation of everything. The set up immediately stopped, and windows loaded with a bad resolution. I restarted the computer, and everything seems fine now, although I never saw the end of the set up. I double checked my driver updates and it is up to date.

Guess I want to know if I should be doing anything, or if this has happened before. I don't want a problem to occur later for the actions I did now.

the computer is this model, and Windows 7:


Thanks for any advice :)
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  1. You should check if you can do all of the normal things, load up all of the pre installed applications, play music/videos/games, search the internet etc. If it all works normally, then you're good to go! If not, then put the Windows dick back in the drive, restart the computer, fill out the information and when it comes to the screen that says "Install Windows", click on "Repair Windows" and do what is says on the screen :D
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