Single gtx 590 and gtx 680 sli performance problem

Morning, i have a performance problem with my gtx 690, about 3-4 weeks ago i posted on here about a gtx 680 sli performance problem consisting in low fps (the same as i used to get with my old gtx 590), at the time my system specs was:

Antec HCG 900w PSU Asus extreme III x58 mainboard
6GB Corsair dominator GT DDR3 ram @2000mhz
Intel i7 960 CPU@3.2Gh
Palit GTX 680 SLI (2cards)
2x WD Black Caviar 64mb cache 1TB in RAID 0
Windows Vista Ultimate 64bit

about a week later i thought it might had been the cards so i rma it for a asus gtx 690, but the problem was the same (no increase at all). When i posted on here that the problem still remained, people was saying i should change to windows 7 as vista was not really any good for gaming, so yesterday i upgraded my pc to windows 7 ultimate 64bit, and purchased the following

Asus Rampage iv Extreme x79 2 x Corsair Neutron series GTX 240GB Sata 3 in RAID 0 i7 2011 3930k cpu @3.2ghz

the actual windows side of things is miles better it loads faster, the system rating is 7.9 apart from the cpu which is 7.8 (which was 5.9 in vista but it might have increased because i am using 7). I have updated all the latest updates from the asus website including the bios to 3204 and installed all available window updates, i have the latest nvidia driver even tried the one from the dvd. but i am really stuck in the fact that my new components are miles better/faster windows 7 seems faster but the gaming performance fps etc... is still the same as my other set up of the gtx 680 in sli as well as being the same as my old gtx 590. The only things i have not changed is the psu, ram and my dvd drive which the games are online anyway.

My psu they say on the websites and on antec that the 12v rails are enough for the gtx 680/690 but i am wondering if they really are enough, if not could it be the ram. lol i am even thinking of paying someone if they come up with the solution that fixes it. in total mb, cpu, gtx 690,heatsink (which the 2011 dont come with), the 2 ssd's and windows 7 cost just over £2000. So as you can tell i am slightly pissed off.
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  1. Dude for the love of Jesus... Get a new PSU... I recommend a single 12V rail over multi 12V rail PSU... And you don't need 900 watts for SLI/CF unless your going to do 2 GTX 690's or 4way SLI/CF. So a 750-850 watt PSU would be nice. and your new 2011 rig would thank you as 2011 does use some power. So you are experiencing performance issues with two 680's with your 3930K...

    Your not having a power issue because you should have enough power . I doub't its a bottleneck because my buddy runs 3 670's on a 3930K. But you have changed your whole system. i think your issue is the 690. More specifically the communication between the two 680's under the hood
  2. I don't blame you for being a wee bit p'd. Could you remind us of the symptoms you are still experiencing, this time with the new x79/3930k build.

    Some of our suggestions, of course, will repeat from your earlier post.

    Since you now have a new motherboard & cpu, have you checked a few benchmark sites for comparison of the 690 in games you have played (at the same gfx settings!)? - how do they compare?

    If there is still a significant difference then either you are the unluckiest person in buying hardware, or there are software issues somewhere connected with these games and the gfx drivers. It's kinda hard to believe that you are still unable to get close to published benches after what you have done.
  3. Hi guys thanks for your reply, on bf3 the lowest fps is 45 and the highest is about 70 which was the same as my old gtx 590 , but as for NFS most wanted is it around 30-50 and guild wars 2 is 45-60. I do realise that some games will perform better than others but since the 690 is around 2 1/2 times better in benchmarks on other websites I can't understand after getting all this new kit it has made no difference it might be software related but its a different os (which people keep telling me is better for gaming), I really am stuck like I said before the only thing I haven't tried swapping is the PSU and ram, which I can't get my hands on any spare ones.
  4. Hi thought I would give you a link to a short video I uploaded on YouTube that shows the fps on nfsmw. The settings are on the highest and the resolution is 1920 x 1080
  5. With the suggestions already provided in your original post, together with the changes in hardware, we are as puzzled as you!
    Have another look at all the combined suggestions....if, in truth, "the only thing I haven't tried swapping is the PSU and ram" then that's what you need to consider.

    Alternatively, you might indeed be suffering from some kind of anti-luck infection. I'm afraid the cure to that one is a bit more difficult to find.
  6. Is there a program or a way of seeing how much wattage the card is receiving I know how much it requires, but I wanted to see what it is getting. Incase it is underpowered.
  7. The card draws up to around 300 Watts
  8. Is there a program I can check the wattage it is receiving
  9. Oh yea. ah MSI After Burner..EVGA Precision X... GPU Tweak from ASUS
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