Is my GPU overheating?

Hello everyone.

I have recently built my PC and I have a EVGA gtx 660 ti SC as my GPU. During the first month of having my PC I downloaded MSI afterburner and I noticed that all of my games played at around 70-74 Celsius. After the first month and a half I added an extra case fan. Now my gpu stays under 40 Celsius at 30% fan speed when i'm playing black ops 2, but when I play planetside 2 it is 60-65 Celsius on 70% fan. I am wondering if my GPU got damaged for the month it ran at 70 Celsius?(I play around 3-4 days a week for 5 or 6 hours.) I also would like to know If Planetside 2 is running a little too hot at such a high fan speed. Oh yeah and is there a fan speed that I should try to avoid because when I set my fan profile on MSI afterburner it had a yellow line at 80% fan speed(everyone has this). Please help! :sweat:
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  1. That is normal, actually it's great temperatures.

    I own a GTX 660 Reference and it gets about 72 celsius under full load. in this review your GPU gets to 75 celsius. The thermal limit is 97 celius, so there is a long way to go mate. :)
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