How much is this worth?

Cpu: Intel core Quad cpu Q8300 2.5ghz

Gpu: Amd Radeon 4350

Harddrive: 500gb(unknown brand, probably Western Digital)

Psu: 350W(Unknown Brand)

OS: Windows 7 home premium 32 bit

Memory: 4 Gigs(3 usable)(Unknown Brand)

misc: Standard Dvd player, and also a 22" Dell Lcd Monitor would be included with the computer.
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  1. I'd say maybe a few hundred at best. It's running an outdated CPU that can be eclipsed by the cheapest quad core from the next gen. GPU is complete garbage for today's useage an unknown brand PSU and 3GB of useable RAM is just bunk for today. If you're willing to put a decent video card in it and upgrade the OS so it can use all 4GB of RAM not to mention maybe purchasing a second hard drive it could make a solid everyday use machine but if you're looking at it for gaming I'd say just build from scratch.
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