Wireless connectivity issue (maybe simple)

hello I have a dell studio 1558 and I use my laptop to connect to my work wireless and my home wireless. At home I have no problems getting connected and staying connected to my SMC router, however, at my office I cannot connect to my Netgear router. I can easily regain wireless connectivity if i go into the router settings and launch the connection wizard. I'm not sure why I am having problems staying connected at the office but at home I have no problem.

could anyone possibly shed some light on what the problem may be and point me into the right direction to get it fixed? I have some technical background, so there is no need to dumb down what you're saying too much
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  1. You should be able to simply left click the wireless connection icon in the system tray and select the network and check the connect automatically box and then hit the connect button when you are at the office.
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