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So after some thought I've decided to up the anti and had some better stuff and in the future a cpu cooler and overclock it. So tell me what u guys think.

Updated link

Also I want a mid sized case some thing that will fit all that in with good cooling under $150 or abit over.
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  1. your link is blank.
  2. That links doesn't lead to your build, you need to copy the permalink.
  3. You can probably find a decent mid size case for under $100
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    You can have a full tower case for 125$ :

    But for those specs this is what you need :

    Also i recommend going with a better ssd :

    You can have 2TB for the price of 1TB :

    Or cheaper 1TB :

    Reliability is the same, performance wise also.

    Cheaper low profile ram :

    Don't forget the cpu aftermarket cooler if you want to overclock like the hyper 212 evo or better.
  5. Anything I could tweak parts wise??
  6. And I might go the enforcer looks sweet.
  7. You have a good board and cpu and gpu, i wouldn't change those, the psu is also good one for the price.
    Like i said if you're planning to overclock the cpu, get the hyper 212 evo :

    Or this one :
  8. Will those coolers fit in the case??
  9. Of course, even the noctua NH-D14.
  10. I'm just abit worried about everything not fitting lol.
  11. It's fits all well, the card, one of the two coolers, you have a balanced build.
  12. Sweet ill start buying parts then better to buy all at once or when I can afford it??
  13. If you can afford to buy all now, of course, it will better, no waiting times, but if you have to buy by parts, get the cpu+mobo+ram+case+psu+ssd, then later the hdd and gfx card, you can also buy the cooler for later, the i5 comes with stock cooler.
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  15. Corsair C70 case.

    lots of space, and it looks cool
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