Best GPU I can run with 650w PSU

Looking to upgrade around febuary or march when I return from deployment. I know new cards will probably be out but just wondering If I could run duel cards with a 650w or if I would be better off getting just one fast single slot card?
Running a single 5850 black right now.
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  1. We need the budget ! And the PSU model
  2. Probably 7870 CF would be the absolute best on that PSU. On the other hand, I might would probably get a ASUS 7970 Matrix and overclock that beast.
  3. Its a Rosewill HIVE 650w, and as far as budget. want to try and keep it under 500 bucks.
  4. Try a PSU calculator and enter the card of your choice and other current drawing devices in your system:
  5. Preston398 said:
    Its a Rosewill HIVE 650w, and as far as budget. want to try and keep it under 500 bucks.

    Best choice is an ASUS Radeon HD 7970 Matrix and overclock it it. It overclocks extremely well, often reaching 150% of stock clocks, providing excellent performance.
  6. I think that ASUS matrix 7970 looks like the best choice at the moment since that would still leave me left over power to overclock my cpu and the gpu.
    Im going to wait for now since I am deployed until February 5th so new cards might be out by then.
  7. well I said I was going to wait but that just changed lol. Found a GTX 670 on Tigerdirect for 330 that also came with borderlands 2 and assassins creed 3 which are 2 games im going to be buying anyways so its like I got a 670 for 230. and I just cant pass up a deal like that.
  8. Remember Asus matrix is a big slot card.

    This would be just great. Vapor X Ghz Edition and has great reviews !

    You can even think about the 680. Both can OC like crazy. (680 less power needed)

    But as you are getting some free games go with 7970 that i linked. Or if your mobo /case supports That matrix or CF it later get it.
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