Possibly destroyed my motherboard

The short version: Via an adapter, I plugged a 4 pin molex connector into a chassis fan header on my motherboard. Now I cannot boot (powers on but no video output, no post beeps) and the DRAM led is on indicating a memory issue. Bad mobo or bad memory?


ASUS P8Z77-V mobo
Ivy Bridge I5-3570k processor
2x8 kingston hyperX RAM
Seasonic platinum 660W PSU
Corsair 500R chassis
No video card present at this time

Additional details:

When I power on the system it comes on for a couple seconds and goes dead for maybe 5 seconds and then comes back on, almost like it is struggling for power. When I first turned it on with the molex plugged in I got the dreaded electrical smell like I popped a cap or something.

Additional additional details:

Thanks you for any insights and/or advice.

I am an idiot.
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  1. First off, DON'T try to power it on anymore. If anything, you will also kill your CPU. Based on what you said I would say time to call the store and tell them it was DOA. You need another MB.
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