Could i change my A6 AMD quad-core processor to a A10 AMD quad-core processor

Hello, could i know if i could change my processor (A6 AMD quad-core) to a A10 AMD quad-core in my laptop that's a Samsung NP305E5A-S05CA? PLZ i need help.
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  1. The answer is 'it depends.' Both the A6 and A10 use the FM2 socket, BUT the A6 also uses the FM1. So it depends upon the age of your A6 processor.
  2. My google results were inconclusive, but I did see a google result show your model number followed by FM1, in which case you may NOT put an A10 in it. How old is your computer? I am not sure how long the FM2 socket has been on the market, but if your computer is a couple of years old, I would say you don't have much of a chance.
  3. It's a laptop, the answer is no, there's an a10 mobile, but it's another socket...other tdp.
  4. My laptop is 1 year old and its getting slow when i play GW2 and Tera online games
  5. Unfortunately, you can't easily upgrade a laptop's cpu. It is hard to find a laptop cpu in the first place and installing it may void your warranty. You also don't know if your computer will accept the cpu and boot, however if it does, that A10 could produce more heat than your A6 and consequently overheat your laptop. I recommend that you get a new laptop or build a new PC.
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