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Gaming, Programming. Radeon or GTX?

I am thinking of building a new rig (my current one is a 2006 macbook. lol) and I am curious if I should get a GTX 670 or a Radeon 7970.
I game a lot, but I like to program games, and do a bit of stuff w/blender. The blender stuff I do probably won't be extreme, but I might do some minecraft animations (hopefully slamacow quality, but I doubt i'll get that good) or some guns and stuff for a game. The gaming engines I'm thinking of programming with are either unity or unreal engine. I've tried unity, and blender, but I've never had a computer good enough to try unreal engine. I probably would have went and got the 7970 but unreal seems to have a lot of physx stuff in it. Oh, and if I get lucky, i want to do some stuff with the oculus rift.
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    The 670 or 7970 would be fine for anything and everything you would want to do, as far as programming, video editing and all the things you want to do, that would be more dependent on your CPU, if your a AMD guy then go with the Vishera 8 core processors they have, which I dont recommend but some people like it. If your an intel guy and would like the spend the money on it, go for the i7 2nd gen or 3rd gen processors. They have hyper threading that is utilized to render and edit videos. Here are the benchmarks between the 670 and 7970:
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