Triple Monitor Setup driver problem


AsRock z77 Extreme4
i5 3570k
Radeon 6770

Blu-ray Drive
Corel DVD/Blu-ray software

What I want to do is have two monitors running off of DVI and a television connected to the HDMI cord. I want to be able to play Blu-rays on the tv while still being able to work on the two monitors.

Problem: All three monitors are connected, recognized, and work fine for displaying full-screen youtube, netflix, web pages but my ati card's drivers stop working in this configuration and so does the intel graphics driver, I think. Cyberlink won't open and I can't play a blu-ray.

Any guesses as to what's wrong? I'll be watching this thread pretty closely; I have to deliver this machine next week and this is what they want it to do.
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  1. You need to have an active adapter for at least one of those 3 connections...or you need three monitors which have proper displayport...You can only do 2 non native displayport outs on AMD cards.
  2. I have the one HDMI and one DVI coming from the ATI card and a DVI coming from the Intel HD 4000. Is it still necessary for me to have a display port connection?
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