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AMD Radeon VS nVidia GeForce

hi guys, am building a new gaming rig & am very confused about choosing an AMD or an nVidia GeForce GPU card. I read too many articles about these 2 & non of which help me decide which GPU maker should I choose, instead these articles made me more confused. What most articles agree about is the nVidia driver support is way better than AMD's, one guy comment to that article said:
"3D gaming is better with nVidia, AMD is a 3rd party joke. Gaming fps is better with nVidia. Drivers are better with the nVidia. Feature extras are better with nVidia - Unique in game destruction PhysX added, dynamic overclock added, dynamic v-sync added, superior AA support above DX9 stalls of AM, TXAA implemented for new games by nVidia."

I live in Jordan & I need a GPU card of ~ 250$ max (including shipment) coz am buying most of my stuff from eBay & international shipment is going to add more money of ~ 20-50$ per item.

My rig plan is as follows:
1- ASRock Z77M motherboard
2- Intel® Core™ i5-3570 or i5-3570k
3- G Skill Sniper 8GB 2x4GB DDR3 1600 CL9
4- Corsair TX850w PSU
5- Seagate or WD Caviar 500-1TB HDD

please help,
thank you
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  1. Get a GTX 660.
  2. According to Tom's Hardware's reviewers, the best card in your price range is:,3107-5.html
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    No matter how you look at it there will always be Nvidia fans and AMD fans. For the longest Nvidia has been much better with drivers and when drivers get updated. Lately though AMD has made a real push to equal or if not surpass Nvidia in the Video card arena for best bang for your buck cards. The latest drivers for AMD has given there cards an increase in performance by as much as 30% on a lot of games they were behind Nvidia on. I personally agree with the latest reasons to go for AMD video card in your price range. Quoted from Tom's Hardware for best video cards for money for the month of November.

    "The Radeon HD 7870 sets a new standard for what we expect from a sub-$300 GPU. With performance kissing the heels of AMD's own Radeon HD 7950 and the GeForce GTX 660 Ti, this card represents one of the best enthusiast-oriented values we've seen. A recent price drop makes it hard to recommend those more expensive cards because the extra speed they offer is relatively minor compared to what you'd need to pay for them.

    Read our full review of AMD's Radeon HD 7800 series for more information on the card and its accompanying architecture."

    This card is on or around $230. And if you are interested in FarCry 3 game it comes free with the purchase of this card.

    But really it is what your really willing to spend at the time your ready to buy a video card.

    Good luck in completing your system.
  4. ty guys for ur reply,
    Well, the price DOES matter to me but am really confused, locked between these 2 choices, one side of my brain says get an nVidia card because of my long time personal experience with nVidia as they never fail me at any aspect, besides they are great with drivers support never forgetting their other extra features like PhysX, TXAA implementation..etc & the other side of my brain says get a Radeon because it's cheaper!!!!

    My greatest fears come down when trying new products like AMDs, products I never tried, products with a mid-level reputation (was mid-level I guess), overheating problems, power consumption ...etc, honestly if am going for Radeon HD 7870 it will be the first time in my life, my fears emerges from paying 240$ for something might get me problems.
    Logically speaking, if the extra 50$ can save me from all these troubles & spare me the headache, well I guess paying 300$ for something that last long is much better than paying 240$ for something troublesome (& so your 240$ will be gone for nothing ( a total waste)), please correct me if am wrong, am ok with criticism from which I get the knowledge & experience in this field of technology :)

    Apparently, AMD made a huge step in GPU manufacturing that am not aware of because am a long time nVidia user. I guess I need someone (an AMD fan) to assure me & to whisper in my ear saying "GO for AMD, you are safe with buying one", guess this is what I really want to hear coz money really matters to me ( for ex. I can buy a nice thermaltek/Coolermaster CPU cooler with 50$)

    Just for the record am a big fan of these games & I follow them every year:
    Assassin's Creed series, waiting to get my hands on AC III
    Call of duty, waiting for Black Ops 2
    Medal of Honor, waiting for Warfighter
    Max Payne 3
    Need for Speed Mostwanted 2012
    Battlefield 3
    Lost Planet 2
    Diablo III

    So I need to make sure my GPU with the current build can run these @ Ultra/high settings :)

    thank you all for your patience, really appreciated.
  5. Get the 7870. No problem in that card, its even better than GTX 660.
    With new drivers, AMD are counter attacking.
  6. I've put together several builds over the years with both Nvidia and AMD cards. Both their reference cards are very well made. As for individual manufacturers, that is a slightly different matter. Some do a better job with their design tweaks and quality control than others. My favorite Nvidia is EVGA, favorite AMD is Sapphire. But that's not to say other manufacturers are bad. One can get a DOA card from any manufacturer. But your chances are slim... fortunately.

    I like AMD and Nvidia both. I prefer the Nvidia Control Panel over the Catalyst Control Center, but that is personal taste only. Nvidia used to have a leg up on drivers, but that is more equal now.

    If you keep your system clean of viruses and malware, allow minimal background pgms, run something like CCleaner occasionally, and clean install your driver and keep it updated, you should have no issues with either brand.
  7. thank you guys for your great help, I'll put my fears away & buy a Radeon 7870. One last question..., Can I ask what brand do u guys prefer the most? I guess it's something individual, some guys like Saphire, others like Gigabyte, MSI, ASUS .....etc & speaking of money there is ~ 10-20$ difference margin between each brand, but I would like to hear from you all.
    I found a nice MSI R7870 Twin Frozr 2GD5/OC Radeon HD 7870 for 245$ only & a SAPPHIRE 100354OCL Radeon HD 7870 for 240$ including Far Cry 3 game, so.....
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