GeForce GT 430 4gb vs MSI Gt450 2GB Vs Palit geForce Gt630 2gb

APPROXIMATE PURCHASE DATE: Bought a Gt430 4gb yesterday,, maybe exchanging it for either of the two
BUDGET RANGE: 80-90 USD, I'm from the Philippines so the prices here are a bit more expensive i think.

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming (Assassins creed, Prototype Etc) Even mid range setting would suffice to me and maybe a bit of photo editing.

CURRENT GPU AND POWER SUPPLY: Geforce GT 430 4Gb, PSU 600 Watts ATX i think? not so sure about my PSU

OTHER RELEVANT SYSTEM SPECS: Pentium dual core e-5200 2.5b ghz. Mobo: P5G4IT-Mlx3 ddr3 and a kingstond 4gb ddr3 RAM 1333MHz


PARTS PREFERENCES: Palit Geforce gt630/MSI Gt450/Geforce GT430



ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I had just bought the Mobo, RAM and GPU yesterday and when i play games it keeps on crashing and BSOD, the forums say that my video card is pretty weak so i think i should exchange it. :/ P.S. It's my first time so please go it easy on me. :)) or if there is any work around for my GPU if i stick with it.
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  1. Yea I never heard of that card before. That is most likely why. I dont think you can run prototype with it even on low settings. Your processor is borderline being able to play the game. But for torchlight 2, you can try putting all the settings on low. your computer should be able to play that. Even the gt630 is a weak card. Unfortunately if you cant spend the money to buy better parts, there is no way to work around it besides turning all the settings to low and turning off anti aliasing and all the other settings. But then you lose much of the gaming experience.
  2. Oh yea for that video card, which model is it? I see that inno3d is the company that makes it. And its a geforce gt something.

    If you have the money try getting the Radeon 7750, its around a hundred dollars. If you don't get the Radeon 6670, its around $60.

    heres the links. try ordering online, its generally cheaper.

    Radeon 6670($50 after rebate, + shipping)

    Radeon 7750($85 after rebate + shipping)
  3. Ohhh. I see. I dont think there was an available radeon gpu over there at the shop though. :/ It's an inno 3d GeForce gt 430 4gb 128 bit video card?
  4. Really? How about shipping fees? I'm sorry i haven't really ordered anything online fearing that shipping would cost a lot. hehehe
  5. ok ok now that you posted some information, your computer should be able to run the games on low- medium settings. First thing to do is to try everything on low and turn off anti aliasing. Are you getting steady framerates? Does the game become choppy? If it doesn't then it might not be your video card. In the phillipines its pretty hot right? You computer might be overheating when you are playing the game. Make sure its well ventilated. Use the program speedfan to monitor your temperatures.
  6. Well if you live in the phillipines, i dont think newegg ships there. So you might be stuck with what you can get from the shop or maybe you can find a site that ships to the phillipines
  7. Ive tried it on low settings and it's steady just a bit choppy from time to time. Yeah it's a bit hot here but my rooms are all air-conditioned,. Im thinking of just opening up my case and directly pointing a fan at it :)

    Yeah, newegg doesn't ship here. :(((
  8. Palit Geforce gt630/MSI Gt450/Geforce GT430 which one of these do you think would be the best? 2gb 128 Bit except for the geforce gt430 which has 4gb.
  9. the MSI gts 450 is the best by far! get that one. You mean GTS 450 right? I dunno if the gt 450 is a card made only in asia and i dont know about it.

    The amount of memory doesnt really matter because 1gb is enough unless you are going high resolutions. Also check you temperatures with that link i sent you to see what is overheating.
  10. Im not so sure if it was a gt450 or a gt430. My handwriting sucks and i really cant understand what i wrote. :p Ok I'm gonna post my temps. here :)
  11. well if its a gt 430. then get the gt 630. Its a little better. but the gts 450 shouldnt be too expensive. its like $90 here.
  12. Oh. ok thanks for the advice. :) I monitored my temps for a bit, everything was at a 35-38 range except for 1 core which was at a constant 54C while i was playing minecraft and the icon beside it would go to a flame icon? Should i be worried? And my cpu usage would sometimes be at a 100% but more on a 75-95% range.
  13. yea 54 C is pretty high for the cpu. Its max temp before it shuts down is around 70C. I think prototype and torchlight would push the cpu even higher. Whats the gpu temps? if its under 80 for the gpu it normal (it shuts down at 98C).

    So a solution for high cpu temperatures is to get an aftermarket cooler. (they are around $30) The cooler master 212 is a good one. But if you cannot afford a cooler yet, make sure you applied the thermal paste correctly. Usually the peas method is good.
  14. The one who applied the thermal paste was the technician who placed my cpu on this board so really am not sure how it was placed.

    Thee GPU temp was around 34-36C. Im not so sure if can afford an aftermarket cooler as of now. XD
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