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Friend looking for an upgrade

My friend has finally decided that he needs an upgrade.
His rig-
AMD Phenom II X2 555 BE @ 3.2 GHz
MSI HD 5750
500 Watt PSU

He wants a new GPU which can run the latest games @ possibly maximum (or) he is anxious to crossfire but then i dont think that crossfiring low end GPUs is a good option .
For the new GPU he will need a new PSU and he will be overclocking and also a mobo which supports crossfire for futureproofing

He will be using the same CPU and max budget is INR 20000 (approx.400$)

His site preference is or just suggest a GPU which we can find locally. He also wants something which can do Crysis 3
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  1. cheapest 7870 and PSU xfx 650
    in US it is 320 usd. in india it should be at higher place so that i leave room for price difference
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    That CPU will surely Bottleneck every GPU.
    He would have to change everything.

    The Best you can get is this

    i3 3220

    Radeon 7750

    MSI B75MA-P45

    A Radeon 7750 will be fine with that Unknown PSU he has.
    It doesn't require any outer PSU Connection, It draws power from PCIe slot only.

    @AMD Radeon, cheapest 7870 is about 18,000.
    Thats leaves 2000 for a PSU (No PSU of over 300w come in that range)
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