8800gt only vga out works, not dvi

My new 8800gt can only connect to my 42" tv via dvi adapter on gpu to vga>vga cable to tv. My dvi adapter to hdmi>hdmi cable does not work. The same digital cable+adapter works fine on ati 4850, and gtx 460. So its only 8800gt that cannot output digitally. I've tried both of its dvi outs, and vga works fine on both, while digital is not recognized on either- with nvidia drivers. With default win7 drivers, it recognizes digital connection, but is unable to use it anyway.

The card appears to be in perfect shape and working fine with 3d and video, albeit only via vga cable.

Does anyone know whats the problem and possibly the solution?

Any help much appreciated.
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  1. hmm i had that problem too with my 9800gt awhile back. I think it might be a compatibility issue with the adapter because i got it replaced and it still did not work, but the dvi cable itself worked when i used it without the adapter.
  2. My TV doesn't have dvi input, only hdmi.... Would changing the adapter help at all?
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