Hello Tom's Community, this is my 2nd thread for a 2nd build as a friend of mine bought my 3 months old comp for same purchase price :bounce:

My urge for the sell was mainly the switch to M-ITX form factor, so here it goes:

PSU: Corsair AX 860i
Cooler: Corsair H80i
CPU: Intel i5-3570k
Mobo: ASUS P8Z77-I
GPU: Geforce GTX 690
Monitor: ASUS VG278H
Case: Prodigy
RAM: TridentX 2.4Ghz 2x8gb
HDD: WD Velociraptor 1TB
SSD: OCZ Vector 128GB
Storage: WD black 4TB
F-Fan: Spectre pro 230mm
T-Fan: Spectre pro 120mm

Surfing, Heavy Gaming, Programming & Encoding.
OC whatever that can be OC'd
Might postpone & switch to Haswell Mobo+Proc when the time comes But build will stay the same.
Water cooling is a future project of mine as I'm still learning about it everyday.
One of my concerns is ventilation regarding high exhausts with a mere 230mm 900rpm intake in such a small case.
Your Advice/Recommendation regarding this build will be appreciated. Keep it clean, simple & constructive please.
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  1. What is your overall budget? IMO you're making some poor choices here.

    - You don't need anywhere ever close to an 860W PSU. Maybe 650W, maybe 750W to be 1000% safe. Get the AX 760 if you want to spend the money.

    - Don't get the closed-loop water cooler. Air cooling has similar performance for a much lower price:,3380-14.html

    - Don't bother with fast RAM, the performance gains are not worth it. Get 1600 mhz RAM and it'll be more than enough.

    - Speaking of RAM, 8GB is plenty for your needs.

    - Which SSD precisely are you getting? Vertex 4 I believe is good, but I have heard of problems with Vertex 3 IIRC.

    - Don't bother getting the Velociraptor HDD, it's a waste of money. You'll never notice a performance difference and you have an SSD for boot anyway.

    - Don't get a 4 TB hard drive. Over 2 TB is a hassle because Windows has to look at them differently. Get 2x2TB HDDs if you need that much storage - it'll be more reliable as well.

    - Will a 690 fit in the BitFenix Prodigy case?
  2. JMer806 said:
    What is your overall budget? IMO you're making some poor choices here.

    - .......

    Answering to your points in the same order:

    - From what i read; running a GTX 690 on 650w along with CPU & GPU OC is pushing near the limit as it is, so for a slight future proof (Keeping in mind PSU degradation) a 760i is ample but since its only $20 difference to the 860i where i am i don't mind parting with it.

    - I have always used air cooling but got fed up of brushing and cleaning them its dusty in my area even with proper filters, i know I'll face the same with the radiator but its less hectic & cant beat Corsair Link with fan control built in from windows as there aren't enough slots on the prodigy apart from one optical let alone a fan controller.

    - I agree 1600mhz is enough but then again its $10 difference to the 2400mhz

    - I might take you up on that one 8gb is enough but I'm more concerned with programming and video encoding portions of my everyday use with games and firefox infested tabs in the background.

    - It's mentioned above OCZ Vector 128GB :) (Vector is the latest beats vertex and matches other big brands)

    - Velociraptor will be for games installs and music and everyday use storage so fastest reliable based on benchies.

    - 4 TB is what I'll settle with as there aren't enough HDD bays once I take the top cage off to make room for the GTX 690 let alone M-ITX SATA ports (4 only: 3 HDD/SSD & 1 Optical) :(

    - Yes it will once i take the top drive cage off :)

    I know the price difference is weird but thats what you will get if u live in OZ price gouging is a b**ch over here.
  3. I'd rather get Intel 330 180GB, it's bigger, Intel has way better reputation than OCZ and costs $20 less as a cherry on top.

    PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

    Intel 330 Series 180GB 2.5" Solid State Disk ($119.99 @ NCIX US)
    OCZ Vector Series 128GB 2.5" Solid State Disk ($139.99 @ Newegg)

    Also, having a single 4TB drive as storage is not a wise choice, losing all that data in case of HDD failure will be a PITA.
  4. Lucky bast***s you with Newegg and NCIX cant ship em over here unless i go for other services which will hurt me badly when it comes to warranty claim.
    Wish we had them over here. :(

    I cant tell of any OCZ rep fiasco apart from Vertex 3, 4 was amazing and brought my confidence back to them.
    As for vector I'm impressed so far no issues in my previous build compared to what I faced with Vertex 3.

    Intel 330 - 3yr warranty
    Intel 520 - 5yr warranty
    OCZ Vector - 5yr warranty

    Vector performance competes directly with 520.

    Edit: Typo.
  5. I like your choices. 10K drive is not worth it... for me. Obviously you don't mind paying for it so go get it.

    The 690 is beautiful , but I don't see that much improvement over a GTX 680 or 7970 to justify the extra $500 US. But then again, if you can justify it then get it and good luck to you.

    The issue with me for closed loop cooling isn’t so much the dust, or the performance, it’s the NOISE.
    I have the Antec version of your corsair and its quiet. It DOES perform better for me than air did (I had a CM N 520, not top drawer, but good).

    I read that study that JMer806 pointed to. The low end of closed loop systems are equivalent with the top end of air coolers and much more expensive. But the top end of closed loop dominated all but the Noctua. The Noctua is huge. It Doesn’t fit all applications.

    So leave it to personal choice.
  6. groundrat said:
    ...10K drive is not worth it...
    The 690 is beautiful , but I don't see that much improvement over a GTX 680 or 7970 to justify the extra $500 US. But then again, if you can justify it then get it and good luck to you.

    So leave it to personal choice.

    Thanks, I always used WD with no issues I'm reluctant to jump ship now and what else can do it than Black Caviar compared to blue and green. :)
    As for my GTX 690 choice was mainly to drive the 120hz monitor and carry decent 100+ fps in 2D or 60+ fps 3D whenever possible which can only be achieved via SLI but M-ITX = 1 PCIe.
  7. I'd get Caviar Black. Cheaper than Velociraptor but better warranty than Green or Blue. Seriously, except for benchmarks there's no practical difference. I can't even tell a difference loading, say, a music file from my SSD versus my 7200 rpm Caviar Blue. Same with games.
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