What could be wrong?

I have a Asus Rampage II Mobo
Intel 920 Chip
16 GB DDR3
Sapphire 7850 Videocard
2 x 640 GB HDD
128 GB SSD
I have a 1200 W PSU.
R3 Define Case

When i play Far Cry 3 or any Intensive 3D game, after 10 mins or so the Screen goes all black-Green or incredibly pixelated (impossible to see anything). However i can hear the computer still run.

IT does feel incredibly HOT inside the case, but i have no Clue why it should be.... i mean the case has like 3 freaking fans and i use a NH-D14 CPU fan. So im at loss.
All help appreciated.
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  1. hmm somethings overheating and thats not good. Either the gpu has a defect or you applied the paste incorrectly for the cpu fan. The i7 920 runs hot i heard.

    Use speedfan to monitor your temps and then report back: http://www.almico.com/sfdownload.php

    Oh and just a side note. your power supply is way overkill. a 600w - 650w one would be enough
  2. you might have 3 fans but if they don't push/pull properly it won't help much.

    if there are dust filters in front of the fans remove them. and if there is a dust filter in front of the power supply intake remove that too. all to often they block good air flow.

    if the going gets too tough you can try running with the side off the case to see if that will help.

    FarCry3 as other games have major demands on graphics cards and on processors. If you can't keep them cool you're in a losing position.

    another thing to try is opening the CCC and manually set the fan speed for the video card to run around a steady 35-40%. this will make the fan spin faster at start up not allowing the video card to get blistering hot before the fan spins up to try and cool it. by then it's too late.
  3. also, clean all dust build up off the fans and heat sinks and from inside the shroud of the video card. ( remove video card and blow hard through the exhaust port on the back of the card so the dust blows out the fan hole )
  4. The reason for the Power is more cause Down the road i plan to run 4 x more hDDs
    But right now im completating whether i should With SSDs or HDDs.
    Anyhow the speedfan has highest temp across the Board below 40 C
    One HDD occasionally hits 43, but rarely.ITs HD0 .Does that mean the HDD the OS is on? IF so thats the SSD.
  5. The GPU does spike around 50 C when i just idle in Far cry 3 menu
  6. havent even started to play. and its at 54
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