Looking for recommendations for a build

Approximate Purchase Date: Within 4 months
Budget Range: Approx. $2500 to (hopefully) include shipping
System Usage from Most to Least Important: Gaming, programming, streaming gameplay and music, surfing the internet, movies, business, misc.

  Are you buying a monitor: Yes

   Parts to Upgrade: N/A- Build from scratch

  Do you need to buy OS: I am assuming so, but not sure.
Preferred Website(s) for Parts: I am seeking help from the community
Location: Jacksonville, NC, USA 

Parts Preferences: I am unsure, I am seeking help from the community
Overclocking: Maybe, I am seeking help from the community
SLI or Crossfire: I'm not sure what this is.
Your Monitor Resolution: N/A – Build from scratch
Additional Comments:
I will need speed and cooling! I think. I want to be able to run three performance sucking programs running at the same time in three different monitors and be the master of my programming/gaming/streaming music at the same time universe!
I am assuming I will need at least two terabytes of memory if not more by my current research ( I don't delete my save files and will be video editing).
I am assuming I will need space for upgrades in the future.
I would want decent to good graphics and sound- but probably wont instal any high end speakers. Monitors I'm open to higher end but don't need any movie-specific features such as 3D or Blue-ray.
Would love something flashy but performance comes first.
And Most Importantly, Why Are You Upgrading: My current PC was free and I've had a few promotions.
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  1. please use this format to ask community :)

    btw welcome to this forum :hello:
  2. with most systems i would put two good 23 inch monitors on the gpu and one 23 inch monitor on the intel 4000 gpu. the intel gpu good for web and text.
    if your going to save a lot of files look into online storage and or a small home nas.
    also if your into audio...then install an asus 7.1 sound card and hook it up to your stero or pick up a good set of speaker.
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