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New CHEAP graphics card

hey everyone, I built a computer recently without a GPU and since i like to game it doesn't work out to well. I was thinking about getting a new graphics card but i dont know what to get. here are the specs that matter

CPU: I-5 2500 (non-k version)

GPU 6800XT (ya its old and bad)

psu 630 watts

BUDGET: as low as possible with it being fanless. i talking $70 low

Thanks for your sugestion i would like all the feedback i can get
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  1. what motherboard are you using?
  2. why does it matter?

    It is PCI 2.0 compatible

    i dont think anything else matters
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    For $70, about the best you'll do is a DDR3 version of the HD6670; there are lot of those. If you're willing to play the rebate game, and get lucky and win it, here's a GDDR5 version: for $70 (including shipping) after MIR.
  4. I'm going to suggest that you look for a used video card from a company with a good warranty (EVGA, XFX etc). At 70$ you are never going to get a new card a gamer would call adequate but it is very possible you will find a used one. You picked a good time of year to be doing this, with the holiday season lots of people will be upgrading and will be looking to sell their old cards. If you are patient you can find a fantastic deal
  5. thanks for the feed back everyone. I think that i will play the rebate game and go with this one it is like the one you sent me but fanless and still gets good reviews of it.
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