Use 100 mbps or 300 mbps wifi router as Bridge

I am wondering if I should use my old 100 mbps router as a bridge and use the 300mbps one as the main. Or vice versa. I will mostly be gaming on the bridged router and will have a cat6 going from the router to the computer. So what would you guys suggest?
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    I would use the one with the best range as the main and the other as the bridge, since your computer will connect via wire to it -- I would expect that the older model is wireless G, and the newer N and G, so they will bridge using G.

    If you don't already have an impression of which has better range, you can get a good idea which has better transmitting range by installing inSSIDer, which is freeware, on a laptop and roaming around the house for each router and then check the results.
  2. I know the new one has better range. Connection from two houses away while the old one has shaky connection in different parts of the house. So you suggest using the new one as the Main and the old one as a bridge.
  3. Yes, I would use the new one as your router and the old one as the bridge.
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  5. Thank you so much for the information.
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