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Feeling rather blonde here... i have lost my wireless connection on my acer notebook... where is the button/switch etc to give me the blue flashing light to demonstrate connection to my wireless internet?
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  1. Acers often have a switch on the front left to turn the wireless adapter on and off. Mine has two switches; one for the wireless adapter and one for Bluetooth.
  2. Some machines have a physical toggle switch on the outside of the laptop case while others have a physical switch via function keys on your keyboard and i believe your acer will have the switch with the key commands as shown in this picture:
    This specific Acer laptop has the wireless toggle key attached to the "F3" key. So to use this toggle, you hold down your "Function" or "Fn" Key which is located on the lower left of your keyboard, next to the "Shift" and "Windows" keys. This Function Key is usually colored blue or gray, color coordinating with the various hot key s on the keyboard.

    So anyway hold your blue Function key and tap the F3 key
  3. OHHH.. almost forgot, Matrox has a handy little device to let laptop users put up multiple monitors and its called TripleHead2Go, as well as a DualHead2Go and a QuadHead2Go

    Keep in mind this is going to cost you the price of a high end GPU, in which case, you could get a more powerful GPU with Eyefinity 6 support and the Active MiniDP Adapter i mentioned
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