Radeon 6470m on Asus k73 Laptop issue

I am having an infuriating issue with my graphics card.

Whenever I go into a game, there are two black bars on either side of the screen. In other words the display is not stretching to fit the entire screen.

I know this is a common problem with ATI, but none of the fixes I've attempted have been successful.

The first requirement is to update the driver. Easy I thought, just pop onto the website, go to support and drivers select all the correct parameters and get my working driver. I was very wrong. Downloaded the driver only to be told that I don't have the compatible hardware/software or some such BS when I definitely selected the correct options. Needless to say this is the last time I will ever buy anything ATI/AMD ever again!

Ok so I downloaded the full driver from some other source, except that was for 'Catalyst Control Center' whereas I'm using 'Vision Engine Control Center.' After I installed that driver I had less options in the Vision Control Center so could not attempt the fix where you alter the scaling options as that option is nowhere to be found!

Not sure what to do, need to find a nice working driver and a version on the vision control center which allows me to do the scaling fix...

Please, please help.
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  1. It's cool sorted it out by using driver max and downloading the driver through that. Weird it's recognized as a 7400 now but it works.
  2. try to update your bios.
    me it fixed by updating my bios. but i own dell n4050 and i'm running on a dynamic switching graphics.
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