Case Fans not working, Corsair 500R

Just finished a first time build a last week. I used all these parts, except for changing the case to a Corsair 500R

The computer runs just fine, but the case fans do not turn on, nor do the LEDs in the fans themselves turn on. The CPU fan does run.

All three loose case fan wires were plugged into SYSFAN plugs on the motherboard and there was also a Molex plug which was also plugged in. The case apparently has a built in fan controller on the front and a push switch for the LEDs...which at this point still does nothing.

I downloaded SpeedFan, which shows all the case fans at 0RPM, so at least it knows they're there, but I can't see a way to adjust them to run.

What might I have missed, and what do I need to do to get the fans spinning?

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  1. Try plugging all the fans directly to the PSU, that way you can test whether the fans work outright.

    Next I would plug them all into the fan controller, how to do so will be in the case manual.
  2. Thanks for the help. I was able to think about it all day and after a bit of digging I found that I managed to miss plugging in the molex for the fan speed controller (built into the case). Now the front fans and side fan is working as well as the LEDs.

    Rear fan is still MIA, found out that it's three prong plug seems to fit nowhere in particular. And unfortunately there is no manual for this case, nor can I find one anywhere online.
  3. Should be some fan headers on the mobo that you can plug the rear fan into.
  4. You got it, I actually came back to reply that I'd figured it out. The rear fan is a standard 3 pin fan and the motherboard is 4 pin...and I didn't know you could plug the 3 into the 4 until I looked it up. Yes I am THAT new at this.

    All the fans are working and LEDs too. Thanks for the help!
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