6670 vs Gtx 650 which is better on a PSU of 375? Will they run?

Advice on buying video cards for gaming ( Bf3 Farcry 3, Borderlands 2 Etc..) between:


(! I am getting the Open box with warranty for $69.96 !)



(! $100 After rebate ! )

Got $120 to spend but i need some 10 dollar earphones and an android charger so i cant go over $100. I was going to get the Open box Asus 6670 and upgrade my Psu to 500 but if i can run without it i might aswell use the money on my Video card. Plan on purchasing Tomorrow or some time this upcoming week.

Thanks ahead of time for the answers. :hello:
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  1. both will not run safely should they run at all. buy a quality 450~500w psu. the 6670 does not need a 6-pin power cable while the regular 650 requires one (Asus have made one that doesn't need em). if i were you, i'd at least step up to the 650 or 7750 minimum.
  2. if your unit is a good one (not some generic one) it should be able to run the cards that you mention above. between the the two 650 is better.
  3. HD 7750. It's what I would go with in your situation. Uses only power from the PCIE lane. Which is 75 watts I believe.


    Sapphire. Even has 2GB VRAM!
  4. I would get the following Radeon HD 7770 for $100 after rebate. A regular Radeon HD 7770 is faster than the GTX 650. This is the 1GHz edition which means it will be even faster.


    Click below for performance comparison between a "normal" Radeon HD 7770 and the GeForce GTX 650.

  5. dont even think of getting a 6670....its total crap..
    if you have just the two choices you mentioned, then go for the gtx 650......see if you can get a ti version...

    but if more choices are a welcome, then go for a 7770....the ati 7xxx series have beautiful error free dx11 support....
    but for an hd 7770, you will have to get at least a 400w psu....(that too a decent one with more than 24amps on the 12v rail)...

    if you ain't planning to buy a new psu , then a 375w (if it has a 6pin pci-e connector) CAN handle a gtx 650....easily....
    if your psu doesnt have a pci e connector, then in any case of a gpu upgrade , u'll have to get a new psu(look for corsair or antec 400+w)

  6. get a 7750. its perfect for your psu and its also powerful. it does not require any cables like 650 and 7770.
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