Maxtor D740X Problem

I just setup a system with 3 maxtor D740X 60GB drives and one IBM 60GB drive. For some reason, the Maxtors will randomly reset, usually crashing the system. They are plugged into a Promise Ultra100 controller, on a P4-DDR board (via chipset). Anyone have any ideas?
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  1. randomly reset? like loose power? you may be overhauling your psu.
  2. sounds to me like they are not plugged in very good.
    unplug everything...and inspect eh ide sockets, and the molex connectors..
    inspect the cables, and then plug them in, and make sure that they are plugged in very good, and secure.
    i had a problem like this last night, and i narrwoed it down to the hard drive cable being REAL sensative...and if it gets moved....then it crashes..
    so check that out, and narrow it down...


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  3. oh, and my problem was not on a maxtor d740x...
    it was an older maxtor...but i figured that the cable was trash.
    so if anyone was going to jump on maxtor d740x's! :smile:


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  4. "randomly reset"

    Do you mean 'thermal recal.'?

    Could be either a power problem, or a heat dissipation problem.
  5. The newer hard drives don't have thermal recalibration.
  6. I've tried several different IDE cables, but that may still be the problem. I'll double, err, triple check all the connections.

    I don't think heat has anything to do with it; this system has a ton of fans (one right infront of the HD's), and the drives are very cool to the touch (some of my old WD's would run so hot you couldn't touch 'em for long, and they never did anything like this. Then again, I did fix the cooling on those right after I found out!). I do hope its just a cabling problem; 3 brand new drives crapping out would not be good...
  7. Just RMA'ed My second Maxtor D740X 60 gig drive. The first ran for two days and crashed.The replacement could not be formated and I was issued an RMA about 3 hours after it arrived. I have three other older maxtor drives and have never had a problem with any.
  8. I have two of the 60's and one of the 80's, and I think they are great drives. Seem to be working alright for me!

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