Ultra 730W PSU Enough?

My current rig is:
MB Gigabyte 78LMT-S2
Amd Phenom x4 965 Black Edition
Corsair DDR3 1333 4GB
SSD Patriot 64GB
HDD Western Digital 500GB 7200RPM

For the GPU I think I will buy a gtx650ti or a 7850 , I will be gaming on a 1366 x 768 monitor. Is my PSU enough to buy either the 7850 or the gtx650 TI? or should I upgrade my PSU and go for the 7850 that is a better card? or the gtx650TI would be enough for my resolution and I should just stick with my PSU and get the gx650 TI?
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  1. that will be enough but get a new higher quality psu it wont potentially blow up and take some of your parts with it
  2. Oh cmon, ULTRA power supplies aren't that bad. 730W is tons of power even for a high end card.

    For 1366x768, 650Ti is already overkill. I think that would be enough even for 1600x900 at highest settings in most games.
  3. Like twelve25 said, 730W is more than enough for that system even with a high end card.

    The 650TI is good for that resolution with current games. If you want to wait longer before upgrading, go with the 7850. Your PSU is more than enough for both.
  4. The video card should tell you the min. power requirements for it. Most higher end vid cards required around 400 watts (check the item description). 730 watts should be able to power two video cards and maybe 3 hard drives.
  5. 730W might be tons of power, but who said that's what that PSU can actually output? The advertised wattage is very rarely what the PSU can output on the 12v, especially among lower end units where they will often add in the other rails to inflate the total.

    Were going to need a link to the PSU, I cant find it anywhere and we need the specs of it before we can say if its any good. Though knowing ULTRA's reputation I doubt it.
  6. Here's a link to this question already asked and solved, dunno why we've got it here twice.


    Also manofchalk is absolutely correct as pointed out before.

    Can't remember where i saw it but think it had 45amps on a single 12v rail. Although it's less that im concerned about and more there use of components from bad OEM's.
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