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Hello guys , so i just bought a new case (nzxt 410) to basically replace my z200 sff workstation one and
replace some parts like the GPU and PSU. The thing is that my motherboard is a BTX which is a pain if not
impossible to fit especially for a newbie like me. I think my best bet is buying a new ATX motherboard to
replace it. My processor is an Intel Xeon 3430 2,4GHz . Could you recommend me a motherboard that is
compatible to it but also has the potential to store a newer CPU when i get the money to upgrade it ? My budget right now is around 150 $ and my pc is mainly used for gaming. Thanks in advance.
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  1. Your old cpu takes an outdated motherboard, so it's not feasable to upgrade it later. 1156 boards are getting hard to find. (looks like this board will run with regular ecc ram, not buffered or registered. Non ecc rarely works if at all with xeon cpus. Gigabyte may also make a board that works with it; My advice in a nutshell, sell the xeon and use the $$ for a regular socket 1155 cpu.
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