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$500 GPU

Need a $500NZD GPU

Was looking at a 3gb 7950.. or or

Any better nVidia card for same price?
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  1. You should get a Radeon 7970, Its the best single Gpu up to date followed by GTX 680.
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    He can't get a 7970 for $500 NZD.... the 7950 is the best thing for around $500 NZD.

    And no. there is not any better Nvidia cards for around the same price that gives better performance. The closest thing to the 7950 is a GTX 670 which costs around $80 NZD more on the website you linked.

    Out of the ones that you showed, you should get the Gigabyte model since it's the highest factory clocked (and cheapest too) with a good cooler.
  3. Ok, thanks :)
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  5. i would personally go with a 680 or just get the 7970 if your spending that kind of money
  6. or better yet, grab 2 660 ti sc and theyll blow that 7950 outa the water
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