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Hey, I just finished a gaming pc build a few days ago and it went pretty well. I'm still waiting on my monitor so I'm currently using my oldschool gateway2000 vivitron. My question is will turning up the refresh rate in the amd disPlay driver menu damage anything? The maximum in windows is 65 but in amd driver display it allows me to go way beyond that. If I turned it to 100 would that DMg anything?
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  1. You should set the refresh rate to the native refresh rate of the monitor.
  2. I accidentally turned it to 85 and I shut my computer down to go to an appointment not it won't boot... When I click power nothing happens e.. What did I do? How do fix this?
  3. loading into safe mode will not load your display drivers, so it should go back to its normal refresh. But if you mean it will not boot as in not can try removing your motherboards battery for a few minutes (with the pc unplugged) and then try turning it on. But never mess with your monitors native settings.
  4. Yeh it's not posting. The graphics card is not even getting power..only the fans I have connected directly to psu get pwr for like a millisecond.. I hope I didn't fry anything.. I'll take out the battery and see what that does. Anyone else?
  5. Honestly i can't see how adjusting the refresh rate would have done anything that drastic. have you done anything else?
  6. Nope.. Everything was running great, I shut it down after changing the refresh rates and an hour later came back to a dead computer...
  7. That's very odd, i've never heard of anything like that. Can't see how that would've caused a problem :/
  8. Maybe it was a coincidence. I took out battery for a few minutes still nothing..:(. I'm confused it was working beautifully until now.
  9. OK, only things i can think of.

    Did you put the battery back in?
    Is it round the right way?
    Did you knock any leads when removing the battery?

    Check all your connections to make sure they're not lose. If that's done and no fix, bread board the system.
  10. Yes and yes. Ok, so I took out my graphics card (msi 7870 hawk) and turned it on without monitor plugged in and it powered on.. Anything I can do to the graphics card to fix this? I don't get how my card could all of a sudden die.. It was working flawlessly until I shutdown after changing the monitor refresh rates on the amd display driver menu.. Coincidence or not what should I do? Rma the card?
  11. Does your mobo have on board graphics? If so see if you can get working with that. Once into windows try to change the refresh rate back, reinsert your card and see if that makes a difference.

    Also if you can try your card in someone elses PC before you decide to RMA it.
  12. Yeh I booted into windows on my onboard graphics. The thing is I changed the frequency in the amd catalyst control center, so since my graphics card isn't plugged in it doesn't show the option to monitor display driver.
  13. Still nothing when I plug in graphics card.. Maybe I should uninstall all my gpu drivers and reinstall them and see if that does anything even though I doubt that will do anything since I can't even post and get into bios...nonetheless have any power to my system
  14. Think there's an option ccc to restore settings to default, try that. Also can you try your card in someone else pc? Did you check the power was reconnected to the gpu? And have you looked over the gpu to see if there's any noticeable faults on it?
  15. I'll try that, no unfortunately I can't test it on another pc. Anyone else
  16. Try hittting the Escape key... a computer I have with a low power video card goes to blank (in Windows or during boot) if I set the refresh rate to high... and hitting the Escape key sets the monitor to it's default rate. My monitor is a digital LCD samsung so it shows a message advicing of the maximum allowed setting (that's when I hit the ESC key).. but your CRT monitor may not show any message only a black screen but hitting the esc key may do the job just the same. BTW, I don't think a CRT monitor can do above 80-85 refresh rate. LCD-LEDs flat panels can take much more but something I read said that refresh rate is irrelevant on flat panels so I would fully research that detail before submitting your new flat panel monitor to a higher than necessary refresh setting.

    EDIT: Sorry, I confused things.. in my case it's Resolution not refresh rate... but the ESC key might as well do the job.
  17. But when I plug my graphics card into the pci slot and try to power my pc on, nothing happens. No fans or LEDs come on. Are you saying to hit the escape key without the gpu plugged in? At start up?
  18. lowcountrysmoke said:
    But when I plug my graphics card into the pci slot and try to power my pc on, nothing happens. No fans or LEDs come on. Are you saying to hit the escape key without the gpu plugged in? At start up?

    I meant to hit escape if the monitor goes blank either within windows or during bootup but the usual fix is to hit F8 and select the VGA mode to login to windows and rectify the display settings.

    But since nothing works, it must be the Power Supply as even without video display everything else should work... fans, leds, HD, etc. at least you should see a led in the motherboard turn on... if nothing, check the Power Supply with drives, motherboard and processor disconnected from the power supply and the I/O switch on the PSU turned off (on O).. next cut a paper clip bended in a U shape and insert one end of the paper clip wire in the green wire pinhole of the 24 pin connector of the PSU (the one that connects to the motherboard), and the other end into a black wire pinhole of the connector.. next turn the power supply on with the I/O switch and the power supply fan should run... if it doesn't run, replace the power supply with one of higher quality. If the PSU runs, check the power supply voltages with a voltage meter and compare the voltages with the image.

  19. But my power supply works fine when I take out the graphics card and connect the vga connector to the mobo. Only when I insert the graphics card into the pci slot nothing gets power. It is a brand new corsair 600w cx which isn't the greatest, but it is decent psu with 80 plus bronze. I'm currently on my computer right now using integrated cpu graphics and its running perfectly, but as soon as try to power on with gpu inserted nothing gets power..
  20. OK, I didn't get the whole picture... In that case: with the graphics card off it works and with it on it doesn't(?) then it's obvious the Graphics Card is damaged... can you install it on another computer to test it?
  21. Nope there is no other computer I can plug it into.. I wonder what damaged it? it was working fine then I shutdown, logged in an hour later and nothing..
  22. lowcountrysmoke said:
    Nope there is no other computer I can plug it into.. I wonder what damaged it? it was working fine then I shutdown, logged in an hour later and nothing..

    One thing that comes to mind is lack of power protection... don't know if you have it, but I'm judging from the amount of users that dont use one (Surge Suppressors, Voltage Regulator, UPS Battery, etc)...
    connecting the computer directly to a power outlet is a risky thing to do... as power tension in electric lines can fluctuate and computers have very sensitive components so they need some form of power protection... thunder & lightning and even the small static current we can pick-up in our clothes can cause damage to computer components, so imagine an AC power surge... I'm not sure if that was the cause, but it seems the most likely cause because a high refresh rate is unlikely to cause such damage... one other thing that comes to mind is your old CRT Monitor.. how old is it? I'm not a technician and I'm probably wrong but my guess is that it may have put a load on the Graphics Card. I would try the graphics card with another monitor, or even without a monitor to see if the computer turns on that way.

    Check the Tom's thread.. on a problem quite similar to your's.. ideas may come of of it.
  23. It's a dumb question, but someone has to ask: you're securely plugging in the PCI-E power cables when you plug in your graphics card, and connecting the monitor to the graphics card output, right?
  24. Lewl, yeh everything is plugged in correctly. I also tried to pwr it on without the monitor and no luck.. Guess I should just rma it
  25. At this point it's probably looking that way. Can't really think of anything else that could be causing the issue :/
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