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I am watching vids for tips. I still have a couple of grey areas. The chassis fans have mod plugs and molex. I am able to daisy all 4 w/molex. My chassis has a 3 speed control switch but I was hoping to take advantage of maybe a software for temp related/auto fan speed reg via mobo cfan terminal which my asus P8Z77-V LK mobo has only one of. I was a nuke electrician so I am not totally in the dark. Many thanks for any help with my question.
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  1. If you want the mobo to control the case fan speeds you will need either a 3 or 4 pin fan header (depending on the mobo connections). Molex will be used either directly with the psu (run at 100% constantly) or through a fan controller (you set the speed manually).
  2. if you use the molex they will not be able to monitor temps, or adjust speed without a fan controller. (but youre case has one)
    if you plug into the mobo then you could use software to montior the temps and control the speed of the fan/noise.

    fan controllers come in all shapes, sizes and colors

    one like this you could monitor rps's of all youre fans with a fancy lcd display, and allows you to save settings so you dont have to redo it every time you turn on youre pc
  3. well with molex fans you can control the speeds by buying a molex fan controller that will take up one of your case expansion slots below the mobo's backplate
    you cant control molex fans with software as they are just connected to power..with 3 pin fans you would connect them to your mobo's fan headers and you can control the fans speeds either in bios or by some software in windows such as speedfan program
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    that mobo has more than one fan connector.
    1 x CPU Fan connector(s) (4 -pin)
    3 x Chassis Fan connector(s) (4 -pin)

    cpu fan and 1 case fan are in the middle
    one is by the black pcie slot and one by the 24 pin power
  5. For case fans, speed control isn't really that important since they don't get very loud, I'd just plug them into the 3 speed controller and call it a day :)

    If your fans don't have a 4th pin for PWM control on the mobo conector, then the case speed controller is your only option (these typically step down the voltage provided to the fan in order to reduce the speed I believe)

    However, if your fans are PWM controlled (they have a 4 pin mobo plug in), you can probably splice the PWM line (the 4th pin that is tacked onto the side) into all of the fans' PWM input.
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